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Types of Wine Bottle Openers

Which Type Should You Use?

After hours of slaving in the kitchen in order to prepare dinner for your friends and family, you've finally finished and are ready to present your hard work to your loved ones. The last thing to do is to pop the cork off the perfect wine to compliment this delicious feast. So which wine opener is going to be the one for you? Below are some common types of wine openers and what they are generally used for in order to help you make that very decision.

Waiter's Corkscrew

This is one of the most common types of corkscrews. It can easily be put into your pocket due to the fact that it folds in half; this is why it is used commonly among Sommeliers and wait staff, which is where it derives its name from. Composed of just a handle and a worm (the corkscrew end) the handle typically has a lever which can be applied to the bottle itself, thus using the shape of the bottle to remove the cork. These openers often also have a small knife attached to them that are used to cut the foil off of certain wine bottles.

Cork Pop

This is a tool that includes a long needle which is inserted down through the actual cork in order to release pressurized carbon dioxide which will push the cork up from the inside out. These openers are typically seen as showy or gimmicky, but are also a lot of fun to have around at parties.


This wine bottle opener consists of two metal blades that are slid into either side of the cork; the opener is then shimmied back and forth as it is slowly slid back up the bottle opening. The ah-so can be mildly frustrating to many users, however, they are great to use on corks that are rather old and decayed since they don't drill into the cork.

Butterfly (winged) corkscrew

These wine openers are common in many households. They consist of a corkscrew attached to a frame with two arms that turn upwards as the cork is screwed in. They are among the easiest of wine bottle openers to use.

Standard Screwpull

Screwpull is both the brand name and the generic name for this type of corkscrew. The standard model is an elongated corkscrew with a handle that twists on top, the twisting action of the screw pulls the cork up so that it does not need to be pulled out. These are also very easy to use.

The one that you choose is ultimately determined by your personal style and preference. Are you a traditionalist? The waiter's corkscrew is most likely the best choice for you as it has been the standard in opening wine bottles for years. Do you prefer to serve your dinners with a bit more panache? Cork pops may be the way to show off your new toys. However you decide to open your wine, just remember the most important part comes right after you decide which method to use, pouring and drinking the vino!

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